Featured Dog: Gemma – ADOPTED!

Gemma is very sweet

Barooo….anyone there? This is Gemma talking. I’m a 5+ yrs old beagle mix, and I’m usually very quiet and unassuming, but this volunteer gave me the “microphone” to talk about myself on this blog, so here goes.

Bird's eye view of Gemma

I like long walks, unless it is very cold out, like it has been recently, and I love to snuggle (especially if you happen to be a human space heater). I am still a little afraid of new things, like this very loud generator near the shelter, but with a little coaxing, I can be persuaded to come out of my shell.

Gemma looks up

A lot of volunteers tell me that I am one of their favorites to walk because I don’t pull, I don’t stray, and I stay close near them and just look at them from time to time. I don’t jump, scratch you, or even beg you for treats (I much prefer being snuggled), and I’ve been told that I’m very calm. One volunteer has even told me I may make a great therapy dog, if I had a little more confidence and I wondered what that meant, and she said it just meant that 90% of the job would involve being snuggled. I very much like the sound of that! One thing I don’t do often is to yodel like most beagles do. I’m not sure why, but I really don’t see the point, and there aren’t many squirrels around these days, anyway.

Gemma does her best pose

I’m a little curious around other dogs and would probably do well with another dog in the household; in fact, I’d love to have another dog (not necessarily older) around to show me the ropes. Not to mention…another dog means I can snuggle with him/her. Have I mentioned how much I love to be snuggled?

Gemma snuggles

So…if you are looking for a dog who is calm and snuggly and sweet, come visit me. I’m in Kennel 11. For more information on Gemma, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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