Featured Dog: Sebastian – ADOPTED!

Sebastian sits

This is Sebastian, who’s under a year old (I know, I know, hard to believe) and is a little underweight for his breed type, though most definitely full-grown. He’s also not as sad or as mournful as he looks– it’s just that I couldn’t get any pictures of him jumping for joy or happily snuggling next to me.

Sebastian is very good at his 'sit'

As you can tell, Sebastian is very good at ‘sit,’ paying attention, and looking all business-like. He would be a great dog to take to obedience school–he’ll be a star pupil since he’s very food motivated and he always looks at you when you walk him. He is strong, though, as typical for his breed (American Bulldog mix) and needs exercise for his energy level, but he’s been making great progress with gentle leader lead.

Sebastian 'oomphs'

It’s a little hilarious when Sebastian goes down to the ground–it’s like all the oomph has gone out of him. After having his head petted, he’s ready for a belly rub, and he absolutely loves them. I have a feeling after a day of exercise and possibly playing with other dogs, he’s going to just collapse on the rug and snore…not a bad thing for a dog his size. 🙂

Sebastian checks out his belly rub

Sebastian would love to home where he can be exercised and trained (and possibly socialized). The said home should also include plenty of bellyrubs and love and affection and a good sense of humor. To visit Sebastian, come see him in Kennel 3. For more information on Sebastian, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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