Featured Dog: Barry – ADOPTED!

Barry would like a treat, please

Hello, I’m Barry! I may be a little quiet in my kennel but I’m a lover of people, I am. I wag my tail excitedly and can’t wait to meet them and see what they offer (hopefully treats. my favorite things!). I’m a little afraid of the noises and unfamiliar smells at the shelter, but I try my best to follow the volunteers and I’m gaining more and more confidence everyday.

Barry accepts a treat

I’m a pit/hound mix, a little under a year old, and I have two cute pink spots on my nose. I can be a little goofy, and I could use some obedience training since I am technically still a puppy, but I’m very eager to please and food motivated (did i mention that treats are my favorite thing?).

Barry investigates new smells

I get along with other dogs, and would love to have another one around as a playmate, and I’m eager to learn and be the best dog I can be.

Barry standing

To see me, please visit me in Kennel 22. For more information on Barry, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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