Featured Dog: Felicity – ADOPTED!

Beautiful Felicity

Do you love labs? If so, Felicity may just be the dog for you! She’s a 5+ yrs old black lab mix, past the puppy stages, and is gentle and calm. She’s a pleasure to walk on the leash, and she knows how to ‘sit’ — she’s a dog all ready to go home!

Felicity licks her nose

Despite her maturity, she isn’t above using her cuteness to get more treats or petting. She loves to be petted and cuddled, and though I haven’t tried it, she loves to play with her toys and fetch them.

Felicity sits

Felicity would make a great first dog or a dedicated companion for Lab lovers, though it is preferable that she be an only dog, since she prefers people over dogs. UPDATE: Felicity is now in foster care. For more information (including appointments) about Felicity, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Felicity's profile

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7 Responses to Featured Dog: Felicity – ADOPTED!

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  2. schalon s. wall says:

    I recently loss my dog ( Dazi ) Dec 7th,2009 , she was a pitt/collie/chow mix who was the love of my life. I have looked at Felicity numerous times on line , my concern is how is she with cats ? I have a short hair cat named (Hallie) that I have had for 7 yrs now..She and Dazi got along very well .. I believe she misses Dazi just as much as I do..Any chance there could be a visit between the two? or any suggestions on how to introduce new dog to old cat? thanks , schalon

  3. schalon s. wall says:

    Felicity was adopted 02/13/2010 by myself and ms Hallie cat … All is well in the Wall home, everyone seems to have adjusted well to their new environment …. it just takes patience and time …

    • bullcitydogs says:

      I’m glad to hear that you adopted Felicity! And yes, it does take some time for everyone to get used to each other.

  4. schalon s. wall says:

    I would encourage anyone to please take time and adopted from the shelter . I adopted Felicity Feb 2010 and she is the best doggie ever!!!!!

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