Featured Dog: Bruno – ADOPTED!

Bruno in the sun

Bruno is one of these dogs who are just, for lack of a better word, happy. He wasn’t always happy, or this social, but he is now, and it’s fun watching his personality come out. So far:

1) He always has a big grin.

big grin Bruno

2) He is very food motivated (always an excellent trait for dog training). He doesn’t know the command ‘sit’ just yet, but a gentle hand placed on his back serves as a nice reminder and it shouldn’t be long before he sits automatically! Update: He’s a pro at sitting!

Love me me me!

3) He adores people. To him, people = warmth+peace+happiness rolled in one. Plus, they have hands. The hands are for dispensing yummy treats and even better, bellyrubs!

happy Bruno

4) He’s a complete snugglebunny. He loves to lean against you (you may want to be against a wall if you ever met him, he’s been known to make me sit flat on my butt if I just squat next to him). He loves it even more if you lean back, then it’s a lean o’ war contest. He’s very furry and relatively big, so this might be a useful winter warming tip…

Bruno loves to snuggle

5) He’s got a wide range of expressions that will make you laugh. For example:

Bruno looks up

Bruno would be an excellent dog for a single or multiple family home (older children only) and would get along with other dogs (especially if they are snugglebunnies like him). He’s around 3 years old, appears to be a collie/shep mix (though I just call him the great red furry dog). If you think you’d love Bruno and have lots of love to offer, come see him in Kennel 18. For more information on Bruno, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

serious-looking Bruno

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