Featured Dog: Shawn – ADOPTED!

Shawn close-up

This is Shawn, a 1- 1 1/2 yrs old lab/pit/hound wondermutt. I say wondermutt because I can’t say enough lovely things about him. He’s a total charmer, willing to please, pays attention to you, and has a great big smile.

Shawn sits

Shawn pays attention

Shawn is happy when treats are on offer

He’s very food motivated, and mostly knows ‘sit.’ He’s more interested in snuggling next to you and getting a bellyrub and showing you how full of love he is.

Shawn likes to snuggle/lean

Shawn enjoys his bellyrub

Shawn loves bellyrubs!

Shawn settles in for a bellyrub

I think the combination of warm sunshine and endless bellyrubs may have made him deliriously happy.

blissful Shawn

This is the view you might have when looking down:
cute paws

Shawn would be a great dog for a single person, a family (with older children), as a first dog, and as a second dog (he gets along well with other dog. Actually, he’d be a great dog, period, especially after he gets his training and a steady routine of love and affection and bellyrubs. If you think you can provide all that, come meet Shawn in Kennel 24. For more information on Shawn, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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