Featured Dog: Elvis – ADOPTED!

Elvis looks up

If you are looking for a small, adorable dog who is not stereotypically yippy, you should consider Elvis. He’s a 4-5 yrs old Manchester terrier mix (with some possible Chihuahua thrown in), has the energy of a puppy, but also the wisdom of an older dog. He’ll walk very excitedly and wags furiously when you’re about to pet him (which he loves), but he knows when to calm down and to leave you alone.

Elvis gives you a look.

Elvis loves to be petted and often stretches his neck out for chin scratches, and likes to cuddle while you pet him. He loves treats, and already knows ‘sit’ and would love to learn more– he’s definitely not one of those old dogs that cannot learn new tricks.

Elvis licks his lips

I’m in love with his beautiful brown eyes and his adorable muzzle. He really is as sweet as he looks.

Elvis has pretty brown eyes

Elvis in all his glory

If you can give Elvis the love and care that he needs, please come visit him in Kennel TBA. For more information about Elvis contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

sweet faced Elvis

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