Featured Dog: Irwin – ADOPTED!

Irwin sits

Don’t let this serious face fool you. Inside is a ball-loving, goofy, fun puppy of a dog who wants nothing more than a good tennis ball to chew on and toss in air and hide and bury. I don’t think I’ve met a dog who was more obsessed with tennis balls than Irwin– he’ll even prefer balls to treats!

Don’t worry, he’s housetrained, nice on a leash, and pays attention very well. But his real personality really comes out when tennis balls are involved. I think the US Open folks should come by and take a look at him– he would be an excellent ballcatcher, though you’d have a hard time persuading him to give it up. 🙂

So being a good blogger, I took pictures of his antics in case you don’t believe me:
Irwin LOVES his tennis ball

Irwin reaches for the ball

where to with the ball?

Irwin plays with the ball

ball. nom. nom. ball.

Irwin plays a game with the ball

Irwin tries to hide the ball

For those who are interested, Irwin is about a year old, has hound/shep characteristics, and seems to like other dogs. He’s very easily trained and is very focused, so he’ll do well in obedience classes and possibly tennis courts (though, really, all he needs is a nice big patch of grass and balls everywhere).

So if you are looking for a playful but easily trained dog, consider Irwin. He’ll amaze you with his talents. Come visit him in 36. For more information about Irwin contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

Irwin peeking out

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