Featured Dog: Julian – ADOPTED!

Julian looks so distinguished

It is almost impossible to photograph Julian, because he is mostly black fur with a few patches of white on his chest. A lot of my photographs showed a black background with two blue dots (his eyes)! It is also difficult to convince folks that he’s a very gentle giant, despite his enormous size (due to his Newfie background).

Julian enjoying being petted

He walks so nicely on a leash, and when I reached out to pet him, he immediately sat and was very still, other than closing his eyes to soak up the experience.

Julian loves the sunshine

If you are looking for a calm, older and steady dog, Julian would be perfect for you. He’s about five years old, and doesn’t seem to be very high energy and gets along fine with other dogs. He’d probably be fine with a leisurely walk and sitting next to you on the sofa.

Julian looks to his left

Come meet the very distinguished Julian in Kennel 11. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Julian is a gentle giant

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