Featured Dog: Roseanne – ADOPTED!

Roseanne sits easily

Look who’s sitting! It’s Roseanne, a year or so old border collie mix. Want a closer look?

Roseanne sits

As you can see, Roseanne already knows ‘sit’ and always politely sits when you approach her — she’s a lady with wonderful manners, when she’s not too excited. She hasn’t had much training, so while she is happy to see you, she may not know how to react well, but judging from her food motivation and wonderful attention span, she’d love to go to obedience classes, and possibly agility.

She loves to play, and could entertain herself for hours! It always brings a smile to my face to watch her play in the exercise pen– it’s like she knows she belongs there and that it’s time to let herself out!

play? play!

Roseanne loves her toys

Roseanne would be a great dog for an active person (like a runner) and will bring lots of joy to whoever adopts her. Come visit her in Kennel 13. For more information about Roseanne contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

Roseanne has a great "smirk"

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