Featured Dog: Ophelia – ADOPTED!

chin scratches

Meet Ophelia, a sweet 3-4ish yrs old adult collie/sheltie mix. She’s on the small side, so if you are looking for a smaller dog that is not a toy breed, she would be perfect.

with a flying ear

She’s a little anxious and unsure of herself at the moment, but when she goes on a walk, she expresses her enthusiasm by constant tail-wagging, and looking up at you with an adoring look.

I can smell you!

Okay, maybe she is looking at the treat with an adoring look. Still, she’s very food motivated and eager to please, so she’d be pretty trainable despite her older age. She may even do well in obedience school because she’s older and won’t be distracted like puppies. 🙂

accepting treats

Ophelia is currently unsure of other dogs, and may do better with polite dogs or as an only dog (for a while). She will be a good dog for a dedicated first time or experienced dog owner. If you are looking for a calm, pleasant, medium-sized dog, come visit Ophelia in Kennel 43. For more information on Ophelia, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

yum! can we do it again?

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