Featured Cat: Jasmine

Are you looking for a very affectionate cat? Meet Jasmine, an adult gray tabby cat with beautiful seafoam green eyes.

Jasmine loves to be held

If you beckon her, she readily comes to you, purrs, and settles on your lap. She likes to climb up and nuzzle her soft face against yours and purr steadily throughout.

Jasmine likes to give kisses

Jasmine is very affectionate

Jasmine likes face rubs

Jasmine loves to be snuggled

She also loves to be picked up and be held for a long, long time. She really is one affectionate cat, and if you are looking for the rare cat who is social and affectionate, Jasmine is your girl. She currently resides in the volunteer office, so ask about her at the front desk if you do come to the shelter to ask about her. Otherwise, email catinfo@apsofdurham.org for more information on Jasmine.

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3 Responses to Featured Cat: Jasmine

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  2. Susan says:

    Do you think Ms. Jasmine could be happy in a home with one adult female human and a 4 year old terrier mix lap dog?

    • bullcitydogs says:

      I’m going to forward your comment to someone who may be able to answer your question better (my first guess is yes, if Jasmine gets along with dogs and your dog gets along with cats).

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