Featured Dog: Savannah – ADOPTED!

Savannah sits nicely

This adorable dog is Savannah, a Carolina dog mix who’s a little under a year old. She’s a wonderful dog who would be great for a first-time or experienced dog owner. For her age, she’s incredibly focused, polite, and very affectionate.

A goofy long-nose photo of her:
nose larger than it appears

Savannah accepts a treat

She has a wonderfully wrinkly brow that makes her expression look worried (she’s not, really. She loves being petted and leaning against you.)
Savannah being petted

Her response to that particularly long snuggle session: lot of kisses!
Savannah being affectionate

Savannah's profile
Isn’t she beautiful? She’s as soft as she appears to be.

Savannah on lawn
As you can see from the pictures, Savannah already knows ‘sit’ and is food motivated. She should be a pro at obedience training!

More of her unique expressions:
Savannah looks a little worried

Savannah sits straight

Savannah gets along with other dogs, so she would make an excellent canine sibling, especially if the older one is particularly calm. Come see Savannah for yourself by visiting her in Kennel 36. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

tail between ears

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