Featured Dog: Annabel – ADOPTED!

Annabel looking serious

Hi there, Annabel says, very shyly.

Annabel enjoys chin rubs

How about that?

Annabel sits

Isn’t she quite a lady? Meet Annabel, a 6 mo-old retriever mix who will most likely grow to be big (she might be showing off her Newfie genes), maybe up to at least 70 lbs. But don’t let that deter you– she’s very gentle, soft (her fur is more long haired than a normal retriever), and has the makings of a very, very sweet dog.

Annabel loves to be cuddled

When she likes you, she really likes you and does her best to indicate her affection, either through kisses or hugs or looking back at you frequently while walking. She loves to cuddle more than anything and already knows ‘sit’ (and doesn’t even need a treat!).

Annabel accepts a treat

Affectionate Annabel

Annabel absolutely adores walks and would make an excellent hiking partner. She’d be thrilled to see you come home and will make sure you are loved while you tell her all about your day. Given her relatively calm and good-natured disposition, I think she’d also make a great therapy dog- whether your own or a professional. 🙂

Happy Annabel

Annabel loves to walk

Annabel's profile

If you’re looking forward to seeing Annabel’s smiles and having a wonderful, loyal companion in your life, please visit Annabel in Kennel 9. For more information on Annabel, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Annabel loves to be petted

Sweet Annabel

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