Parade of Puppies for Puppy Friday!

Spring is most definitely here…and as a result we have plenty of puppies available for adoption! Since there are so many, I’m just going to list most of them here with a brief description and their kennel number. So make yourself comfortable, because the list’s long!

Elvis, a 3-4 month old collie/chow mix in Kennel P9.


Cole, Elvis’ goofier brother, who lives in Kennel 35. – ADOPTED!
i got the toy! i got the toy!

sitting politely

Matilda, a smart 2-3 months old lab puppy in Kennel P6. – ADOPTED!

Poppy, a sweet 2-3 month old lab puppy in Kennel 20.

Two collie (and maybe terrier) mix puppies in Kennel 26:
Travis-more energetic and mischievous of the two – ADOPTED!

Tabitha– the calmer lady – ADOPTED!

Monty the 3-months old fluffball shepherd mix in Kennel 12. – ADOPTED!

Gertie, a snuggly 4-months old hound/pit puppy in Kennel 27.

Timothy, a rapidly growing 3-months old lab mix puppy (he’ll be big!) in Kennel 40.

Thanks for reading this far!
If you are interested in any of these puppies (all are very food motivated, trainable, and full of the usual puppy energy), please contact or leave a comment here.

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  1. Nancy R says:

    Great idea you need more exposure. I just found this blog.

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