Featured Dog: Bella – ADOPTED!


If you like german shepherds, you would like Bella, a 2-3 yrs old shepherd mix. She’s gorgeous (see her glossy coat in the following pictures), even-tempered, and has to be one of the more well-behaved, low maintenance dogs I’ve ever met (and I have met a lot!)


One of the things you notice about Bella, other than her excellent leash skills and her sitting ability, is her eagerness to spend time with just YOU. She doesn’t just pay attention, she lavishes attention and loves it when you offer her treats or chin scratches or ear rubs in return.


Your reward is one of the happiest, widest smiles you can find on a dog. She really is that happy and doesn’t ask for much- a human to call her own, at least two walks a day, and being near you.



This photo just about kills me- she’s not really that shy, but she looks like that, doesn’t she? She’s really gentle but she’s a little timid around other dogs, so she wouldn’t be ideal as a second dog. But once you get her home and get acquainted to each other, she’ll blossom to a loving (when is she not?), loyal dog.


If you are interested in visiting this beautiful girl, come see Bella in Kennel 19. For more information, please leave a comment below or e-mail doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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