Featured Dog: Jake – ADOPTED!


Let me introduce you to Mr. Jake, your newest fitness trainer. I know he doesn’t look like much and isn’t bulging with impressive muscles or anything, but he will give you a workout.

At first he looks small, young (he’s under a year old), and harmless and well, likes stuffed toys, so how could he be your next drill sergeant?



What you don’t see in the pictures is that I spent a good part of ten minutes mock-chasing him around and running after him. He isn’t the type of dog who’ll simply play fetch — he loves challenges and would enjoy obstacle courses.

Don’t worry, if you’re not the athletic type, you can always take Jake to the dog park (he gets along well with other dogs), or flyball/agility classes. Also, despite his energy, he’s a very good walker and would enjoy long hikes/jogs (maybe geocaching?). Jake is also food-attentive, so he’ll be very easy to train (you can see the gears in his head working when he tries to figure out what you want him to do!)

If you are looking for a highly trainable dog with lots of energy and intelligence, come visit Jake in Kennel P4. For more information, please leave a comment below or email doginfo@apsofdurham.org


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3 Responses to Featured Dog: Jake – ADOPTED!

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  2. hello I have been trying to adopted a dog for about 2 to 3 months but everytime they get adopted but this time I will be there to put a deposited down on jake which is in kennel 4.

    apryl and darryl

  3. karen says:

    Jake is such a sweet boy who seems to have so much love to give. We met him last week. We have 3 dogs and the biggest concern is would he fit into our crazy pack. It’s so hard to know, but what a sweet boy.

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