Featured Dog: Dolly – ADOPTED!


I can think of nothing happier than an equally happy dog sprawled on grass. That’s Dolly, an adult (about 2 yrs old) lab mix, and she’s come a long way.


When she first arrived at the shelter, she was SO shy that it seemed almost impossible to get her out of her shell. I’ll give you one example: when I tried to put a leash on her for the first time (after socializing with her and giving her lots of treats) she completely freaked out, very much like a scared horse, and did not go near me for a while. I apologized profusely, put the leash away, and kept giving her treats (though it took a while for her to trust eating them out of my hand again), and eventually, she forgave me and let me scratch her ears. I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to walk with a leash, or trust volunteers to that extent, but fast forward three or so weeks later (I was out sick), one of the first dogs I walked was Dolly.


All I can say is, WOW. She was wearing a special harness, and she had no problems with me putting it on her. She also had no problems walking around and even seemed pleased that we were going out. I stopped at a bench, and she sat as though expecting treats, and then I petted her. Eventually she got so comfortable, she laid down for a bellyrub and didn’t get up for a very long time.


Then we went on our merry way and I decided to test her training on the grass. She sat very nicely, responded well to my hand gestures, and was fairly calm. I started to rub her ears and moved to her ribs and she took that as a sign that she should lean on me and enjoy the sun!


Dolly would be an excellent dog to train, as she’s food motivated, and she would be great as a second dog, especially if her canine sibling ends up being a male. Also, having another dog around will certainly boost her confidence and she absolutely loves other dogs. So if you are looking for another dog who needs a more permanent playmate (other than the dogs at dog park or your neighbor’s dog), she would be a perfect choice.


So that’s Dolly– won’t you give her a chance after all she’s been through? She can be found at Kennel 35. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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2 Responses to Featured Dog: Dolly – ADOPTED!

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  2. KBarton says:

    Brought Dolly home last night, she is a great dog and we are excited and happy to have her. Thanks for taking the time to set up the blog for her. I am not sure if you take requests, but we also loved Savannah and Sierra, and I would love for them to find good homes as well. If you have time we would really love it if you would consider them for one of your next posts. We’ll keep you updated on Dolly’s progress. Thanks again for all your hard work with these dogs, we were very impressed with APS and all of the volunteers and staff we met, Keep up the good work!

    The Barton Family

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