Featured Dog: Doyle – ADOPTED!


Doyle here is actually a puppy (he’s under 6 months old) but acts like a confident adult dog with a very playful streak. His breed is a guessing game- he has the muscles of a pit bull terrier, soft hair very much like labrador retrievers, and coloring that is close to that of pointers. Or as one volunteer put it, something that accounts for the long body and short legs!


He has incredibly beautiful hazel eyes that are simply irresistible, especially when he sits for his treats very obediently and then looks up at you.


Or as I like to think, eyes that will melt your heart if he thinks he’s doing something wrong!


Actually, he’s very attentive, even without treats– he checked in with me during his walk and did his sits every time I said the command or used a hand gesture. He was curious about everything, and loves to sniff around greenery in particular, which contrasts nicely with his coloring.




He really does look like he should belong on cover of Field and Stream, doesn’t he? Like all puppies, he’ll need exercise and training (he would be a total pro at this one!) and I suspect he’ll do very well in agility or even geocaching. He loves other dogs and would be a great playmate.


Come meet Doyle in Kennel TBA (not sure of the exact number, but he is located near the back of the kennel while the shelter undergoes floor renovations). For more information on Doyle, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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