Pup Pops Order Information

If you have ever wanted to order pup pops for an event, here’s your chance!

PupPops/Pupsicles Order Information

PupPops are made by me (Eunice), a volunteer at APS of Durham. They are edible frozen treats for dogs, using meat broth and rawhide sticks. They come in two flavors, beef or chicken.

To order them, please e-mail Eunice (bullcitydogs at gmail dot com) at least THREE weeks in advance of the event, with the following information:
1. goal of your event and whether you are a non-profit or for-profit
2. number of pup pops (each event is limited to 100 or less) and which flavors you want (beef or chicken)
3. when and where you want them (you will need ice and cooler to store the pup pops)

Pup pops are made on the condition that ALL profits go towards animal rescue organizations in the Triangle. If you are a non-profit, then I will donate the pup pops and you keep the profits. If you are a for-profit, then the pup pops are $2 each and all the profits will go towards animal rescue organization of your choice.

However, I can only produce a certain number of pup pops at a time so if I am too busy I may not be able to fulfill the request. The event must be in Triangle area of NC (Durham, Raleigh, Chapel-Hill/Carrboro). I also reserve the right to refuse to make pup pops for any organization.


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One Response to Pup Pops Order Information

  1. Sara Herr says:

    Dear Ms. Eunice Chang and Animal Protection Society of Durham Associates:

    I’d like to inform you that you are currently using my legal Trademark Registration, Pup Pops, for your dog popsicles. I feel that your use of the mark can confuse consumers. To avoid confusion, I am requesting that you to stop using, Pup Pops, and modify your mark.
    I’d like to see the change completed within two weeks, in its current form. Please provide verification that this occurred by April 7, 2011. Thank you.
    If you would like to discuss this matter, feel free to contact me. Let’s work this out without attorneys. Your cooperation is appreciated.


    Sara M. Herr
    Owner of Pup Pops, LLC

    (sent by email with confirmation by mail)

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