Featured Dog: Ivan – ADOPTED!


This is Ivan, a handsome young pointer/shepherd mix who’s about a year old. He can be needy at first (I call him Ivan the Terrible at this point) but he calms down very nicely once you spend time with him, gently petting his face and making comforting noises. I’m guessing that this phase will go away once he’s settled into a home and gets more confident of his bearings.


He learned ‘sit’ very well (he may have known it before, but it didn’t take very long to remind him!) and is food motivated, so he’ll be very fun to train (as he takes himself very seriously!)


Just think what it’d be like to wake up to this face!


Training Ivan is really a pleasure, because he’s very sweet once he understands something. He’s also apparently very good at playing with toys and shows promises of being a good ball fetcher.

The next few photos show how endearing (and goofy) Ivan can be:




(I love his whiskers. They add so much character to his face!)


Come visit Ivan in Kennel 33. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

“Is that a forever home I hear?”

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