Featured Dog: Layla – ADOPTED!


Hi, I’m Layla! The volunteer who normally writes about us dogs in the shelter thought it’d be best I talked because there’s so many dogs who look like me- golden, shorthaired, shepherd/hound-like. I actually have a little bit of Rhodesian Ridgeback in me because of that characteristic ridge on my back, but I have none of that ridgeback personality (where they are rumored stay puppy-like for 8-10 years before calming down). I also appear to have a bit of lab in me, and I think that’s where I get most of my personality– I like to please, I LOVE food treats (and do an excellent sit) and I, uhmm, like to run. But I’m working on that last part, I promise. However, if you’d like to have a running companion, call me! I’d love to join you!


Or if you’d like to play a good game of fetch, I would be very happy too! I do love me a good game of tennis ball, and you don’t even have to get up- just throw the ball and I’ll drop it on your feet (and maybe in your hands if the timing’s right). One thing, though. I’m not so hot on other dogs, especially if they are all “playful” to the point of being mildly aggressive, but if you have a polite dog, I wouldn’t mind too much.


So come look at me, ask to play with me, and I’ll show you what a great companion I could be — I’m at Kennel 37.

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