Featured Dog: Joey – GBNF

“Aw, I have to pose for pictures? Can I just have the treat already?”

This handsome fellow is Joey, a 18 month old shepherd/lab mix who’s energetic, active, and very playful. He’s also very food motivated, which allows him to be very attentive towards you. It also means he’ll be fun to train, and his ears are very expressive when it comes to figuring things out!


During his walk, Joey kept picking up sticks left and right, as if to find THE stick. You know, the perfect stick, the kind that stays firm yet crumbly, the one with the satisfying crunch but with a large surface area. Well, he did find one…


But you don’t have to take him to a wooded area- he loves his toys and enjoys playing fetch. He was just too hot to play with the current toys when I took him to the exercise pen area.


Joey gets along with other dogs, but he hasn’t been properly socialized around them, so he can be a little rude. Going to an obedience class with other dogs will help him with his canine manners, and it shouldn’t take him very long to learn. That way, he could go to dog park and possibly enjoy a nice game of tug with other dogs.


If you are interested in Joey, please visit him in Kennel 38. For more information on him, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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3 Responses to Featured Dog: Joey – GBNF

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  2. Julia Love says:

    We will be fostering Joey starting Monday August 23rd and can’t wait to have him!

    • Julia Love says:

      Joey did not work with our dog so we had to take him back to the shelter. Very nice boy, but either needs a single dog home or a more understanding other dog.

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