Featured Dog: Paloma – GBNF


All I can think of when I see Paloma is how sleek and graceful she looks.


Just watch her walk- she would give supermodels a run for their money! Paloma is about a year old, and is listed as a pit/cattledog mix, though i think there may also be some shepherd in there.

She loves playing fetch, and somehow makes it look more graceful than it actually is. She doesn’t really slobber on tennis ball or leave puddles of drool- she’s just very businesslike and prompt.


She does have one passion, though. She loves to chew sticks. It must be the week of chewing sticks, because this is like the 5th dog I’ve walked who loves chewing sticks.



That’s all right. Paloma has other talents, too, namely, being very focused. She knows ‘sit’ and does it very nicely for her treats. She’d probably be a star pupil at obedience school, and would love to go to agility class.


As you probably can tell, Paloma is also very athletic, so she’d be a wonderful running/jogging/hiking/tennis companion. Plus, she’s all black except for one salt-and-pepper spot on her chest, so she goes well with everything!



If you are looking for an intelligent, beautiful, and energetic dog, please consider visiting Paloma in Kennel 31. For more information on Paloma, please e-mail doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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