Featured Dog: Rosalie – ADOPTED!


Hello! This is Rosalie, a 1-1 1/2 yr old Husky/Corgi mix. Don’t be fooled by her ability to blend into shadows– in real life, she’s wagging her tail, hoping that you’ll like her and give her some attention. (And she’s very polite about it- no pawing or jumping for this girl!).

I must confess, I actually haven’t walked her, but other volunteers say that she is a dream on the leash, and I believe them. She doesn’t appear to be too high energy, and is rather calm in comparison to our more excitable and goofy dogs.

What I did learn, however, was that she loves bellyrubs. Actually, that’s not true. She just loves being petted all over. She seemed to be so content and happy on her dog bed while I rubbed her belly, under her chin, behind her ears, the spot between her eyes, her ribs, her butt…you name it.







You know what else? She’s incredibly soft, and thus, a pleasure to pet. I also suspect she might end up being a footwarmer (that is, curling up at your feet while you sit and read the paper or watch tv).


If you are looking for a gentle and patient girl, please consider visiting Rosalie in Kennel 4. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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2 Responses to Featured Dog: Rosalie – ADOPTED!

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  2. MC says:

    My baby girl! I can’t wait to pick you up.

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