Featured Dog: Gregory – ADOPTED!


Gregory is an adorable young adult corgi-dachshund-something other breed. He’s a quiet sort of guy who’s very unsure of himself and his surroundings (he’s currently working on learning on how to walk on a leash- he appears not to have been on a leash, ever).


When I worked with Gregory, I laid him down on the floor and offered him treats, which he loved. Then I cautiously put a leash on him and he froze, stopped taking treats, and did not move. I didn’t pull or encourage him to walk; instead, I just stroked him, making sure that I did not pull the leash in any way- I wanted him to get used to the feel of the leash and understand that it wasn’t going to lead to anything negative.



He didn’t take the treats again, and he didn’t walk, but he didn’t run away from me and after a while he began to relax – long enough for me to eventually put him on my lap and let him just stay there while I petted him. I think he rather liked that, because it made him feel secure. He even was comfortable enough for me to take pictures of him.


Gregory will require someone who is willing to see his potential (a lovely settled down lapdog who wants nothing more than love and perhaps, more treats). If you have the extra time and care that he needs, and if he seems like your kind of guy, please come see him in Kennel P5. For more information on Gregory, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.



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