Featured Puppy: Willow – ADOPTED!


Meet the lovely Willow, a 3-4 months old collie mix puppy with long slender legs!


She’s a little cautious with people and gets a little anxious when she doesn’t know what’s expected of her, but she warms up easily with offers of treat and she should be fine once settled into a steady routine. She would also enjoy obedience classes and be a wonderful pupil- she is already very food motivated.


She already knows sit, and would be best as an only dog (she’ll enjoy the attention!) or have an older male dog as a companion.


She may seem quiet (i.e. low energy) in these pictures, but I suspect that once she gains confidence, she’ll be a very enthusiastic jogging or running partner.


If you’re interested in Willow, please visit her in Kennel P2. For more information on Willow, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.



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