Featured Dog: Giles – ADOPTED!


This is Giles, a slightly timid Lab mix who came to the shelter in very poor condition (thin and dirty). It’s really hard to believe that he was in such a badly neglected state, because he’s such a happy dog with characteristics typical to his main breed (labrador retriever).


He’s a gentleman through and through- he walks very nicely on the leash, doesn’t pull, and when he expresses his joy, he runs around but still doesn’t pull the leash. He may do a few jumps in the air, but never on you. You just smile along with him and scratch his ears while he sits still obediently.


Because Giles is about adult-years old, he’s very calm and steady, and doesn’t have the puppy energy or distraction. He’s really solid for his background and a delight to pet.


Giles would love a home of his own where he can be spoiled and probably snooze happily at the feet of his favorite human! If you’re his kind of person, please visit Giles in Kennel 28.


For more information on Giles, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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