Puppy Friday: Ernest – ADOPTED!


Have you fallen in love with this little guy’s eyes yet? The pleading, please, please look? Surprisingly, I’m not holding a treat here- he just looks that way all the time once he’s taken a fancy to you.



When I first met Ernest here, I thought he’d be an active puppy (his tail didn’t stop wagging) and was prepared to teach him manners (‘sit,’ for example). Ernest is social and playful, but he isn’t overly active (he’s around 5-6 months but acts more mature for his age) and his favorite things aren’t treats and toys, but rather, partially climbing on your lap and having you stroke his face very gently (see a video here). His tail changes from sweeping, wide wags to narrower flicks, and sometimes he closes his eyes in the joy of touch.


So Ernest is pretty much a “best of both worlds” kind of dog- he’s happy to see you and will most certainly be a devoted, loyal dog, and loves his toys and is social (with people and other gentle dogs), but at the same time, he can be very calm and affectionate.


If you think Ernest is your perfect match, please visit him in Kennel 3. For more information on Ernest, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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