Puppy Friday: Amos – ADOPTED!


I love Amos, not because he looks so content on my lap and loves to give me kisses, but because he is such a good dog! It’s a simple statement, but if you’ve ever read Good Dog, Carl, by Alexandra Day, you’d know that it’s more than about being a good dog!

So the details: Amos is actually a puppy, and despite his big head, is actually around 5 months old. He really does look much bigger than his listed age, and he does act older and mature for his age. I kept expecting to get his attention constantly and to play with him, and he was very attentive (he’s extremely food motivated) and was just fine with a walk.




As you can tell, he knows ‘sit’ even when he doesn’t like to squint into the sun! And that his true nature is to look as goofy as possible (and therefore, make you laugh). He loves it when you laugh– he’ll try to kiss you and make you laugh even harder.

He did try to look serious…once.


But his feelings weren’t too badly hurt when I told him I didn’t believe him. And besides, he got his treat.

Amos would do very well in a kind household where he continues his positive reinforcement training (meaning: lots of treats) and has a lot of toys, and possibly a doggie playmate (he gets along very well with other dogs). He most especially would love a household with a good sense of humor!

Here are some of his many expressions:

Scooby-Doo impersonation

Labrador Retriever impersonation

Doberman? German Shepherd? impersonation (he most definitely does not have the Rotteweiler muzzle!)

If Amos has charmed you, consider paying him a visit in Kennel 43. Be sure to ask if you can walk him with a volunteer- his leash skills are very good for a 5 months old puppy! For more information on Amos, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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