Home Needed: Paco

Once in a while, I’ll present a dog that isn’t at the shelter, but still needs a home. Paco is one such dog, and while he’s in good hands of my friends, he really would love to have a home to call his own.

Note: If you are interested in Paco, please contact Chris at chris at geddings dot org, or leave a comment below, which I will forward to Chris. DO NOT contact APS of Durham, as they are not associated with this dog. Thank you.


My name is Paco. I am a male Red Heeler (Australian Cattledog) mix. I’m super friendly, really really smart, and eager to be trained. I love toys and food. I’m about 10 months old and weigh a svelte 36 lbs. My previous owners did not work with me, they tied me up all day and since they didn’t pay attention to me now I’m working on good manners. The family I’m crashing with for now is more fun, but I’d like a family of my own. They recently took me to the vet and got me caught up on some shots, and ensured that I won’t be a deadbeat doggy daddy.


I love other dogs, have a lot of energy, and want to play all the time. Since I am still learning good manners, I get carried away from time to time. Until I learn good boundaries I need to be supervised when running around with other dogs. I’m super friendly with people, I don’t know what a stranger is. I love to chase cats, but honestly, they probably would prefer I leave them be.


I probably like children, but the foster family I’m with doesn’t have kids, so it would be better if I were supervised around children.

One thing that happened to me recently is I got my first ever bath! I didn’t know what to think of it when it was happening, but some treats really helped me stay calm while I was being washed, and then when I got done, I was sooooo excited! It felt really good to be clean, who would have known? And then, when I dried, I got brushed…wow! Help me find a home where I can be loved like that!


If you’d like me in your home, or know of a home for me, please contact:
Chris Geddings
chris at geddings dot org
Pittsboro, NC


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