Featured Dog: Athena – ADOPTED!

Athena is a soulful-looking dog (more like an older puppy) who has earned her gold star status by being friendly, easygoing, affectionate, and food motivated. She’s already a pro at ‘sit’ and was a prize pupil in the shelter’s dog training class. And yes, she really does have big eyes- they’re my weakness. One look into her eyes and it’s all “yes, sweetie, you can have your treat” from there.






Athena is about 6-7 months old with a labrador retriever background, which basically means she’s just going to be a lovely, loyal, happy, and playful. She loves people and is great with other dogs. She’s make a wonderful dog for a first-time dog owner.


Note the little freckles on her nose. She’s special that way.



If you are looking for an easygoing companion (for yourself or for your dog), please consider Athena and visit her in Kennel 12. For more information on Athena, please email doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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3 Responses to Featured Dog: Athena – ADOPTED!

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  2. emily cox says:

    We are VERY interested in Athena based on her video, pics and bio, she seems to be a great match for our family. Will she be a big dog? Please let me know her weight/expected size. If she’s not “too big” for me I’d like to meet her before the weekend! Thanks for your time and commitment to our APS friends!!

  3. Julia Love says:

    We will be fostering Athena shortly (now that Seymour has been adopted) and are looking forward to getting to know her!

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