Puppy Friday: Matilda – ADOPTED!

Meet Matilda, a 4-5 months old puppy who is a Jack Russell Terrier mix (I think she has a bit of Basenji in her, though I could be wrong).


She’s very impressive in that she’s a very calm puppy. I was waiting for her to release her puppy energy…which she did when she played with her toys.



She took the stuffed toy and moved it around. I had to be wily and quick to “steal” it from her and throw it around. Here’s a video.


Other than being playful, Matilda is very food motivated and knows ‘sit.’ She would be a star pupil at obedience classes, and she’s a good small-but-not-too-small sized dog for people who do not have space for big dogs. Just make sure she gets her exercise– she may be a bit much for the dog park (she’s a little too pushy, despite her size, with other dogs)- but a good run and a fenced backyard will suit her perfectly.


If you are interested in Matilda, please visit her in Kennel 11. For more information on Matilda, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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