Featured Dog: Ophelia -ADOPTED!

I was going to write about Ophelia being a runner’s best friend, because she is very energetic and does like to go for a good run, but then I realized all my photos of her are of her sitting quite demurely. So I’m going to say that Ophelia, a year old lab/pit mix, is energetic, attentive, and a pro at ‘sit’ 🙂



She is very food motivated, and pays close attention to you as to what you want. She’s also very playful with other dogs and gets along with them- she’d make a great second dog if you need another to exercise your dog!


Isn’t she such a pretty girl when she smiles?


Ophelia would love a gentle, active home where she can get exercise and training that she needs. If you are interested in her, please come visit her in Kennel 3. For more information please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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5 Responses to Featured Dog: Ophelia -ADOPTED!

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  2. Julia Love says:

    We will be fostering Ophelia starting sometime after Monday, January 31st, so we’ll have a good idea of how she works in a home shortly.

  3. Julia Love says:

    Saturday 3/24:
    Hi everybody, it’s Ophelia here. My day today was so much fun!!! It started out the same way- wake up and eat (I’m SO good at sitting until the signal to eat), go out and potty (I’m a no-accident rock start), run around and romp with my Dalmatian friend Bindi (she’s 12, so I take it easy on her), rest (ah, I love those soft dog beds next to my people)… and the rest of the day was go back out and potty and play (I’m so good at this), rest (well-deserved), go for a walk and meet a hound friend and potty and play (I love making friends), and then… I visited the most exciting place ever! A pet store which is kind of all about me! Seriously! I was so excited I couldn’t figure out whether to greet the other dogs there, or smell all the treats around. Turns out, I couldn’t do either because the floor was so slippery and I was so excited that I kept moving all four of my paws but didn’t go anywhere. My foster dad said I looked like a cartoon dog running in place. That cartoon dog must be cool, right? Fortunately, the dogs came over and I made some friends (I even have two cat buddies at my foster home), AND I got some treats (the shelter taught me to sit very nicely and take these very gently). Now that I’m home and had dinner (and of course, pottied – rock star!) I’m collapsed on my bed next to Bindi… I’m really happy here, but my foster parents said I’m a great dog who deserves a home of my own. Not to brag, but they are right! So if you know anyone who wants a black Pit mix (those are the things people apparently don’t like about me) who is really nice and sweet and fun and funny and smart – tell them to adopt me!

  4. Sandra Usrey says:

    Hello, Ophelia! We are the family with two girls that came to meet you last Sunday at the adoption fair. I think we are seriously considering being your forever home! Can we work out a time to come visit again, or maybe have you come to our house for a trial weekend? You made a big impression on us! Have your super nice foster mommie shoot us an email when she gets home from her trip tomorrow, and we’ll see what we can figure out.

  5. Julia Love says:

    Ophelia has been adopted and is very happy in her new home.

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