Featured Dog: Fletcher – Foster Care


Meet Fletcher, a goofy lab mix who hasn’t met anyone or any dog he didn’t like! He’s about 6 months old, and has some puppy energy (he’s learning how not to jump for treats all the time), but he already knows sit- in fact, all the photos are of him sitting! He’s also learning down and a longer sit (for 5-10 seconds).


He’s very handsome, and is almost all black except for white spots under his chin, neck, chest and tips of his paws. I love the white bits on his paws- when he leaps it looks like he’s more delicate than he actually is. (And yes, he had just stuffed a treat into his mouth when I took this photo.)


Like all puppies, Fletcher’ll need to go to training classes, but it shouldn’t be a problem since he’s so food motivated. He would also make an excellent second dog if your current canine companion needs a playmate. In fact, take a look at the video of him playing with Matilda (now adopted) here.


If you are looking for a fun puppy who’s almost fullgrown and who will make you smile, please come visit Fletcher in Kennel 17. For more information on Fletcher, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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2 Responses to Featured Dog: Fletcher – Foster Care

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  2. Julia Love says:

    I met Fletcher yesterday and think he is delightful. I am a foster mom and will take him next if he’s not placed by the time our current dog (Seymour) finds a home. I just fell for Fletcher because he’s so cute, playful and friendly. He had the silliest way of flopping on the floor with his hind legs spread out like a frog, then struggling to get up because the floor was slippery. A very silly boy!

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