Featured Dog: Paddy – GBNF


I think of Paddy as a rakish sort of dog, all dressed in black, handsome and suave, ready to do anything…for a treat. He’s a 2-3 lab mix who’s a little skittish when it comes to new things, but he’s easily confident when treats are on offer. It’s amusing to watch his spilt personality– crouching and a little timid when it comes to odd noises, but when he’s asked to ‘sit’ he holds his head proudly and you can literally see his spine stiffening.


In that case, he’s going to be very trainable– despite his age, he can be taken to obedience school and I bet he’s going to be a star pupil. He’s extremely focused- his eyes were mostly on me during our walk.



Can you see the intensity in his gaze? Paddy’s all serious business! He’ll do very well with a consistent routine of walking and training, and his confidence should grow over time. He also gets along with other dogs.


If you are looking for an attentive and smart, as well as sleek and handsome, dog, please come visit Paddy in Kennel 22. For more information on Paddy, please email doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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