Puppy Friday: Willard – ADOPTED!


Willard is Winston’s brother, and just as cute. He may have more wrinkles around his eyes and a slightly bigger underbite, but all of these make him even more endearing. He’s also a 2-3 months old basset hound mix.


Those basset ears are long!


He will make you feel really tall. Those short legs aren’t going to get any longer…


Like his brother, Willard is attentive and knows ‘sit.


He really does know his sits! He’s food motivated and will be a fun little guy to take to obedience school and train.


His ears don’t look so long in this picture, but I love his big nose shot. He’s so winsome that way.


He’s not this worried- he just looks that way. He’ll probably keep that expression permanently, but it’s going to be funny later on when presented in a variety of situations (for example, can you imagine that look when he’s bigger and facing a small kitten?). He’s actually quietly confident- that is, he loves to play with other puppies and his toys.


If you are interested in Willard, come visit him in Kennel 41. For more information on Willard, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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3 Responses to Puppy Friday: Willard – ADOPTED!

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  2. Kristin Thomas says:

    I am inquiring about Willard, your basset hound puppy. I was wondering if he is still available for adoption? If so, are you open tomorrow? Thanks!

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