Featured Dog: Lois – GBNF

Please allow me to introduce Lois, a 4 years old shepherd/cattledog mix. She already knows ‘sit’ and is eager to learn more, and loves to run around and play with her toys. I’ll let the photos tell her story.

Lois eating hot dogs (our standard training treat).

Lois is very good at looking earnest!

Lois is always very happy when there’s food on offer!

“Please, please pretty please?”

“I know I’m angelic and there’s a halo around my ears, but may I pretty please have my treat?”

“The sun’s kinda bright!”

“But I’ll do my best to look pretty for you.”

Lois loves to play with toys and run around.

As you can see, Lois is a very fun dog, but also very calm and gentle. If you are looking for an adult dog past the stages of puppyhood, Lois is your girl- she still would love to be trained!

To visit Lois, come meet her in Kennel 7. For more information on Lois, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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