Featured Dog: Godfrey – ADOPTED!


I’ll be honest. The first time I met Godfrey, he made me grumpy because he had accidentally punched me in the mouth with his head when I was putting on his harness. He is, after all, an energetic young dog, being a pointer/boxer mix, about a year old, and he was probably bred to run around quite a bit and taken for very long walks, not occasionally, but everyday.

Then Godfrey sat and looked at me.


He sat some more and kept looking at me like that:


Oh dear. How could you not forgive a dog with a look like that? I gave Godfrey a treat, petted him (which he loved), and told him he was a very good boy and that I was sorry he hadn’t been out earlier. Afterwards, we walked nicely, though I think Godfrey would really shine as a running partner (he really loves to run though he is also working on his self control).


Godfrey also loves to play and would love to have a dedicated canine or human partner to match his energy level. He’s extremely social and would love to go to dog park and then curl up for a long nap until the next day’s adventures.

If you are interested in Godfrey, please visit him in Kennel 8. For more information on Godfrey, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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