Featured Dog: Garth – ADOPTED!


If you like labrador retrievers…


If you like playing tennis…


If you have given up playing tennis…


If you like predictable and happy-go-lucky personalities…


then Garth is for you. He appears to be a mostly purebred yellow labrador retriever, and like the breed, he loves to play fetch, and tennis balls are his especially favorite toy. He’s quite adept at fetching two toys at once and fitting them in his mouth, though I’m sure he wishes he could fit every single toy in his mouth!


Garth does not know sit yet, though he can be easily lured with a treat. He is, however, very attentive (especially if you have a toy in your hand), and so far he takes “Garth, sit!” to mean “looking up at the person, give a big mega-watt smile, and shake my rump as hard as possible.” How endearing is that?


I suspect Garth will appreciate obedience classes, especially if playing with toys can be used as a reward, and he’ll be a loyal, fun, social and cheerful pet for years to come. He seems to get along with other dogs, and would probably love a canine playmate.


If you are interested in Garth, please come visit him in Kennel 25.


For more information on Garth, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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