Featured Dog: Marley – ADOPTED!


Meet Marley, a 7 months old hound/pit mix. Though he’s still an enthusiastic wiggly puppy, he’s quietly blossoming into a rather nice gentleman who loves being near you.


Can you tell?


Marley has a face that looks like it was going to be painted all brown, only the half got done and there’s a slight brushstroke near his eye. It just means he has two awesome profiles that makes him look different on both sides. 🙂


Marley is very affectionate, but he also loves it if you’re affectionate as well. He loves being petted and having his ribs scratched gently while he leans against your leg.


This eager puppy is also very food motivated- he had no problem sitting when we interacted, and I’m guessing he’ll do just fine in obedience school.


Can you tell he’s very focused?


Marley also adores playing with toys and being with other dogs- if you’re social, he’d probably love it you could take him to the dog park. At the same time, he would be equally fine with being a running/hiking partner.


If you are interested in Marley, please come see him in Kennel 8.


For more information on Marley, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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