Puppy Friday: Hayley – ADOPTED!


Meet Hayley, a 4-5 months old shepherd mix puppy! She’s supremely goofy, adorable, and tries very hard to please you. She’s very food motivated and knows ‘sit,’ though she does get a bit excited. She’s working very hard, and I suspect once she gets more regular exercise to burn off the excess puppy energy, she’ll be just fine.


As you can tell, she is very enthusiastic about treats!


It’s always fun to see a happy smile on her face.


This is a “What, no treats?” sad face as I was explaining to her that I was trying to aim for a 5-second sit. Hayley also loves toys and entertaining you with her antics. Case in point:


I think she is the kind of fun dog who will laugh with you and join you if there is something funny going on! I can imagine her being a social butterfly at summer barbecues! She gets along very well with other canines and humans.


So, if you are looking for another dog to add to your household, or looking to make a new best friend, please consider Hayley and visit her in Kennel 33. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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3 Responses to Puppy Friday: Hayley – ADOPTED!

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  2. Eunice your photos of the puppies are so gorgeous (and your comments very funny!) Thank you for doing this, I always enjoy reading your blog. Jane

  3. Ruby Handa says:

    We just adopted Hayley and she is wonderful and playful! She is teething, so she chews many items of clothing and shoes. (we hope she will grow out of this) and she is nice and healthy thanks to APS, and so many thanks to all the staff members for helping us adopt her.

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