Puppy Friday: Meg – ADOPTED!


Hi! Can you see me? I’m Meg!


See me closer now? I’m a 3 months old lab mix puppy, and I have been told that I am as impish and mischievous as I look, but that I am also very endearing. I think it’s because I’m so eager for my forever home and human that I think everyone must be that person and therefore cannot wait to get acquainted!


As you can see, I do a very nice ‘sit’ and I love treats, so I think I’d do well at obedience school (they say that we get lots of treats there! yum treats!)


I may look like I’m full of high energy, but I’m just very enthusiastic about everything. I love toys, I love playing with other dogs, and I would probably love you (I’m kind of fearless that way), even if I haven’t met you yet.


If you would like to meet me, please come to Kennel P10. I look forward to meeting you!


For more information Meg, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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