Puppy Friday: April and Aspen – ADOPTED!

Update: April (below) has been adopted. Aspen is still available!


I am going to start off by admitting that I am biased towards black and white dogs. This is probably because my first real dog is black and white. So excuse me while I gush about, what else, black and white puppies.

These are a pair, but they can be adopted separately. Both April and Aspen are 3 months old akita mixes and insanely cute. April loves to play fetch with a stuffed toy and is learning ‘sit’ very nicely, while Aspen hasn’t quite figured out that she’s supposed to eat the hot dog treat (but we’re getting there!). However, they absolutely love to snuggle and appear to be potential bellyrub lovers.

April is the dog in the first photo. She has more white on her face, including the white stripe running down her face.


She’s not rolling her eyes at me, I think.

This is Aspen, being very attentive:


And surprised:

And very snuggly. Prepare yourself- the next few photos are going to be nap-inducing.



Aspen is so snuggly, she leans back hoping you will let her bury her face under your armpit. Little known fact: puppies that like to bury under your armpit are the snuggliest!

If you are interested in April or Aspen, please come visit them in Kennel 1. For more information on April or Aspen, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

(Can you tell Aspen is really, really looking forward to seeing you?)

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