Puppy Friday: Milton – ADOPTED!


You won’t find a snugglier puppy than Milton! He’s a 3 months old Shepherd mix who initially appears to be a bit shy, but he warms up nicely and loves to curl up next to you for a bellyrub.


The fact that he’s very furry and floofy doesn’t hurt his snuggly image one bit. 🙂


Doesn’t he look so grown-up below?


I suspect Milton will do well in a puppy training class. He’s going to be a very fun puppy to work with, because after training, he’ll want to curl up next to you.


He’s also smart- he’s figured out ‘sit’ already and is very food and toy motivated. In fact, you can see a video of him playing with his brother Miles here.


Although Milton would never admit it, he secretly likes being picked up and hugged.


If you think cute little Milton is the puppy for you, please come visit him in Kennel P1.


For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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