Thank You for 5 years of Pup Pops!

Please join us to celebrate 5 years of Pup Pops at Locopops!

We’d like to express our appreciation to our fans, old and new, for making the Pup Pops program a success year after year. You’re invited to Locopops on 2600 Hillsborough Rd. for the month of July to see a collection of photos of local shelter dogs who have been helped by YOU!

*For those who don’t know, a pup pop/pupsicle is a frozen meaty broth popsicle with a rawhide stick (yep, the whole thing is edible), made exclusively for dogs, and comes in two different flavors, chicken and beef.

All proceeds from sale of pup pops/pupsicles go towards the following animal rescue organizations:
Animal Protection Society of Durham
Orange County Animal Shelter
Wake County SPCA

a reward for being all shiny and clean

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2 Responses to Thank You for 5 years of Pup Pops!

  1. Thruhike98 says:

    Congratulations on five years of great work!

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