Featured Dog: Bruce – ADOPTED!


Meet Bruce, a 1-year old cattledog who’s very friendly and intelligent.


Just look at those kind eyes… he likes to pay attention to you and is very food motivated. He already knows ‘sit’ and does a ‘down.’



(this is after going through a tunnel…he cleared out the cobwebs for any future tunnel-walkers :))

A volunteer has described him as being more interested in his tricks than his treats, and she’s right. Bruce does enjoy his walks, though, and walks beautifully. He likes to pick up various things in his mouth before concluding that they are not acceptable as “big, chewy things to work out my jaw.” 🙂



Bruce also likes other dogs (he was curious about other dogs during our walk) and may be an excellent dog park dog (he loves toys- he just couldn’t play today because it was too hot). He would also love going to obedience school or agility classes or being a therapy dog (he’s very soft and calm and always looks at his handler for guidance and direction).


If you are interested in Bruce, please visit him in kennel 21. For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.


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