Featured Dog: Erin – GBNF


This is Erin, a Corgi/Pit mix who’s under a year old. She’s probably full grown and appears to be more of a smaller Corgi size.


She has the Corgi ears, too! It’s fun when they go up…


Because then you can tell she really, really, really listens.


And because she can look like a bunny anytime she wants!


Or serve as radar. She’s listening for storms (none nearby, fortunately).

In all seriousness, Erin actually is very focused and food motivated, and is a wonderful dog to train. She loves treats and has a big smile, and she ambles about in a really delightful way that will make you smile. She is also very playful, and loves to chase a ball and play with her toys.


If you are looking for a happy, affectionate, and appreciative girl in your life, please come visit Erin in Kennel 46.

For more information on Erin, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.



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3 Responses to Featured Dog: Erin – GBNF

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  2. June Rodgers says:

    Where are u located I am on the hunt for a corgi/pit mix ever since I met one on the 4th of July!

    • bullcitydogs says:

      This dog is no longer available at the shelter, but there are still many other dogs available for adoption. Animal Protection Society of Durham is located on 2117 E. Club Blvd Durham, NC 27704. The phone number is 919.560.0640 and the hours are:
      Mon & Tues 10:30am-5pm
      Wednesday 10:30am-6pm
      Thurs & Fri 10:30am-5pm
      Saturday 10:00am-2pm
      Sunday CLOSED

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