Featured Dog: Norbert – ADOPTED!


When you first meet Norbert, he might look all quiet, like the above photo. Snuggly, but quiet. Well, it’s not for long, because this is the real Norbert.




What a transformation, huh? He is as goofy as he looks, but he’s also very affectionate and loves it when you pet him first thing he gets out of his kennel- he’ll nudge his way to your arms and lap!



He’s also very food motivated (he got so excited when the food cart rolled by that I felt so bad for him and took him back to his kennel to make sure he got his share of food) and is trying very hard to work on his self control. He knows sit, but when he really likes you, he gets a little excited and can’t help himself. I have no hesitation that he’ll be a pro at sitting once he gains a little more confidence or has a steady routine.


Norbert really loves bellyrubs, though. He’s like Ryder’s twin- both of their best tricks are “sit-down-bellyrub!”


For Norbert, grass plus bellyrubs equals heaven.


He’s such a sweet summer boy, isn’t he? I have a feeling he’ll be very snuggly when winter comes around!


Norbert also gets along very well with other dogs, and loves to play with his toys.


If you are looking for a very sweet, goofy, and affectionate companion, please come visit Norbert in Kennel 44. For more information on Norbert, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.

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