Featured Dog: Benji – ADOPTED!


Meet Benji, a 3 years old Terrier mix. At first, he reminds me of What-a-Mess character (who is actually an Afghan hound puppy), but he really is nothing like that- certainly not accident prone! He does have long hairs around his face and muzzle that do need to be groomed now and then, but it’s not a big deal.


Benji walks beautifully, and you can tell he is leash trained, because he knows what to do. He might even ignore you for a while- this is his version of “me” time.


But at the end of the walk, when you give him treats and pet him, he transforms to a most attentive gentleman who sits beautifully and is never pushy about asking for more.


He might even grace you with a huge smile.


He might try to sit on your lap, too.


And look at you like he belongs to you already.


Benji would be great for folks looking for a smaller, calmer dog, and who only want one dog (in fact, he would be best as an only dog).


You can tell that he’s going to be really thrilled when he has a home of his own and someone whose attentions he can claim for his own.


If you are interested in Benji, please visit him in Kennel 46. For more information on Benji, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org or leave a comment below.



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